we’ll get through this together

we’ll get through this together

     billionaires drifting the
     ocean on luxury yachts

     or the rich flying to new
     zealand in private jets to
     ‘end of the world’ bunkers

     or the wealthy running from big cities to—
     south hampton, the catskills, mountain homes,
     montana ranches … running to where their
     money can’t buy acceptance

we’ll get through this together

     the professional class sitting at
     home tapping on their keyboards—
     tap, tap, tap

     or civil servants on paid holiday—
     funded by the unemployed

we’ll get through this together

     the medical staffs working round
     the clock, without adequate ppe

     or low wage earners on the front lines—
     working at groceries, farms, meat packing
     plants, nursing homes, hair salons …

     or the restaurant workers left unemployed
     and without hope

we’ll remember

     when you return from second homes
     and yachts and new zealand, that
     you ran in fear from us

we’ll remember

     who it was that got through this together—
     welcome home one percenters,
     we’ve been waiting …

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