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Priest Lake Morning Fog

Its early morning, tea time

I gaze toward the dock

A kayak glides silently from the fog

Could it be?

She steps onto the dock

Filtered sunlight on her long soft hair

An open, welcoming smile

The memory of her perfume, the warmth of the morning sun

She waves her hand, I lift mine in return

I sip my tea

And like the girl, the memory fades

I’m sixty now, not sixteen

The morning fog lifts from the lake surface

It’s gonna be a good day

Gas Dock Girl

We stopped for gas not long ago,

 Served by Gas Dock Girl, with golden skin aglow.

 I pumped gas at Outlet forty years before,

Her mother worked at Elkins during the summer of seventy-four.

I looked into her eyes, it was her mother I saw.

I hid my blush, holding a hat against my cheek and jaw.

My wife asked me what could be wrong,

Just old memories dear, like a favorite song.

Terry Robinson