About Terry

Attending Washington State University, I enrolled in the communications program and aspired to being a photojournalist.  Somehow life got in the way and I graduated from Central Washington University with accounting and economics degrees and have been in the finance field ever since.  I am a Certified Public Accountant and MBA.  I have lived throughout the country in eleven states, thirty towns and cities, and have traveled through all fifty states.  I enjoy writing about events in my life with an emphasis on life in North Idaho and personal financial planning.  My wife and I currently call northern Idaho home and have two grown daughters in Colorado.  I hope to post once or twice each week, typically on a weekday.

I have had a wide ranging career over the past thirty years.  I have been a management consultant with an international accounting firm, an executive with a Fortune 100 corporation, a stock broker, an insurance salesman, business valuation expert supporting M&A, a small business consultant and most recently a non-profit CFO.  I am currently a licensed CPA, but at various times over the years I have been a licensed CFP, CVA, Series 7 Securities licensee and Series 63 Investment Advisor.  I have been an active investor for nearly thirty years and have delved into: rental houses, stocks, bonds, commodities futures, stock options and zero treasuries.

II write for my reader’s entertainment and enjoyment.  While many of my stories may sound like investment advice or tax advice, please understand that they are not.  Before investing money in anything or following a particular income tax strategy you should meet with a trusted advisor well-schooled in those disciplines and follow their advice.

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