Tiny Geisha

i have never seen such
fury. my tiny geisha
turns on me.

fire lashes from her
mouth, almond eyes
slice me like a blade.

i warn her, ‘you are in
as deep as me.’ her
eyes fillet my chest—
expose a heart of ice.

ice she had once melted.
now she bears witness
to the truth,

a man formed from greed,
with no soul. ice-water flowing
through his veins.

she sees me clearly now,
destined to be alone—a
lone wolf raping and pilfering
corporations for pleasure.

she turns, flies from the building
into a brewing storm over the
palouse, black hair blowing wild,
breathing fire: as if a dragon.

i feel the sadness of my dying
heart, as hope drips from my chest
like melting ice-cream onto the floor.

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