The Coronavirus Light

There is light at the end of
the tunnel. I see it faintly,
through weary eyes.

What future the light holds
remains a guarded secret,
known only to the deity.

Some believe the light a train,
hurtling through the tunnel on
twisted tracks. Illuminating the path to
economic calamity, as we drift toward
socialism, in exchange for saving a few
of our elders and marginalized.

Others believe the light our Sun,
rising in the east as it has for the
millennia. Its emphatic rays of hope
promising a renewed economy and
passage to the heavens for those we
consciously choose to leave behind.

It’s the tradeoff we face today. Resuscitate
those who drain societal resources or
lift the economy from the brink of death,
to benefit future generations.

What truth hides behind
the coronavirus light?

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