Retirement Thoughts

can’t—no—don’t want to get going
monday mornings, am I right?
or sunday evenings
dreading my job all night

you know that report you gave him—
three weeks ago?
board meeting coming up
he needs it redone tomorrow

like they say in Texas
‘shit happens’
but this is serious
my attitude slackens

not me, not now
no way Jose
‘I don’t give a shit’
head my own way

out of the mess he led us into
with inept leadership
silos of empty souls
leave this life and skip

to a new state
or place of mind
searching far and wide
but might I find?

a place so sweet?
where new hires are sold
or brainwashed into
the company mold

yes men lacking
the free thought
of drawing outside the lines
losing a battle they never fought

falling into line like
soldiers in the assembly room
or is it community room
depends who’s pushing the broom

will the company prosper?
or bet it’s future on technology
not fully understood, using
group think psychology

assuming they have the answer
where others have failed
the arrogance of believing they hold
a key when smarter ones have bailed

time will be the measure
as to success or no
those who implement may be
retired before we know

left along the street
with nothing to eat
wearing a path in the grass
and a sign, ‘kick me in the ass’

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