Fire at Priest Lake

Lightning strikes the mountain forest

Days pass, embers smolder

Wind blows, a fire grows

Summer grass burst into flames

Fire spreads along the forest floor

Climbing into the trees

The scent of smoke ebbs and flows

Drifting toward the lake

Animals nervously sniff the air

Sensing danger, a migration begins

A death march, where resting may bring the end

Moving east, away from danger

Deer, elk, moose, bear, wolves, birds

Large and small, seeking fresh air and water

Weary and covered in soot

Crossing the highway, stunned and frightened

Vehicles stop, providing passage

Heads down, one foot following the other

A parade of souls seeking safe haven

The forest is home to the animals

Much of it cannot be saved

The animals are on the move and will not return

They will find a new place, a new home

2 thoughts on “Fire at Priest Lake

  1. shoreacres

    We had another fire erupt this year in roughly the same location as the terribly destructive Bastrop fire of 2011. It’s contained now — actually, out — but fire’s always a danger in dry conditions.

    On the other hand, fire always has been a part of nature. It was amazing to watch the quick emergence of wildflowers and grasses after the Bastrop fire, and within less time than you’d think, the sprouting trees. And you’re right: many of the animals will find new homes. Sadly, some won’t.

    It was touching to watch the rescue efforts made on behalf of more helpless creatures, like fawns, during the Bastop fire. Despite what some news media would have us think, there are very many compassionate people in the world.

    1. Terry Robinson Post author

      We had a huge fire about eight miles from our cabin that hung around most of the summer. I’m going to write something soon about a picture my neighbor took of me sailing in the smoke filled air.


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