Welcome Summer Rain

I hung laundry and it began to rain,

A rain we have missed for some time.

The forests surrounding our mountain lakes are dry,

And on fire.

Crews have been sent from far to save our forests and lakes.

We can’t do it alone,

They can’t do it alone.

We need help from God and today he provided.

The rain fell steady and may give our crews the edge they need.

Rain without lightening—a blessing.

Our community is indebted to the fire crews,

We know them a bit, through their pictures on Facebook.

They look tough and dirty and hot,

And fearless and strong and able.

We repay them in small ways—cookies, cold drinks, other necessities.

It is not enough, yet it is all we can do.

And it helps.

It helps them and it helps us feel a part of the fight.

The fire will be put out,

The crews will head for the next venue.

We will remember them,

We hope they will remember we cared.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Summer Rain

  1. shoreacres

    Oh, this brings back memories. We had a terrible fire in our Texas Hill Country a few years back, during the drought. And plenty of friends in Montana, California, and so on, have suffered.

    Your comment about rain without lightning reminded me of what we pray for on this hurricane-prone coast: “rain without a name.”

    Do you know the site Wildfire Today? It’s just excellent, and interesting even when there’s no fire around the immediate area to be concerned with.

    Best wishes!

    1. Terry Robinson Post author

      It’s going to be a tough fire season this year in the northwest. We lived in Dallas from ’87 to ’99 and felt the impact of several west texas fires during that time – so dry there. Take care.


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