Monthly Archives: June 2014

Lake Time Wasting

For we, time is a wasting resource.

 Too much for the young, too little for the old.

 As time wastes away the enthusiasm and energy of our youth,

 All we might hope is we are in a place we want to be.

 No place does waste away time as does Priest Lake;

 And there is no greater place to be, and have time waste away.

 Terry Robinson

Gas Dock Girl

We stopped for gas not long ago,

 Served by Gas Dock Girl, with golden skin aglow.

 I pumped gas at Outlet forty years before,

Her mother worked at Elkins during the summer of seventy-four.

I looked into her eyes, it was her mother I saw.

I hid my blush, holding a hat against my cheek and jaw.

My wife asked me what could be wrong,

Just old memories dear, like a favorite song.

Terry Robinson